Are These Technical Difficulties Losing Money for Your Biz?

Are These Technical Difficulties Losing Money for Your Biz?

It’s important for businesses to perform regular maintenance on their pipes, boilers, and general plumbing for their utilities to run properly. This allows the business to pay the best price on their operational expenses. The age of a business’s pipes, boiler, and plumbing system can affect the amount of required maintenance for your business too. If a business is older and requires a more frequent maintenance schedule, then businesses your may pay more money for utility bills and repairs. Here are some things to look out for to prevent your business from losing money on your plumbing. 

Technical issues

There are technical difficulties that can cause a business to lose money. Some situations that occur may cause some financial loss and others may create substantial challenges for business owners. Business owners can examine their utility bills to determine if there is money that they can save on their operating expenses.

Businesses require different sized boilers, pipes, and plumbing systems to accommodate their needs. For example, it’s common for a business to use an electric boiler because it is more energy efficient to operate. In fact, manufacturing plants for food and beverage companies will use electric boilers.

Boilers and Pipes may have different issues which may cause businesses to spend an excessive amount of money on utilities. Typical issues that may occur can include an increased water and gas bill, yet not having used more water, or more gas, than your business, typically would in a month. If this is the case, you probably should check to see if there are any leaky pipes or damage to your boiler. 

Water leaks

When a company hires a commercial plumber, they trust a professional to check and maintain their current pipe system. The plumber may look to find if there are water spots on the floor or any other signs of leakage depending on the state of the pipes in the business. Water leaks are bad for your business because they promote a dirty, unprofessional image, and can lead to water damaging your walls, floors, and store. Not to mention, leaky pipes will cause you to spend more money trying to stop the leaking with tape. It is better for your business’s wallet, and its image, to have a plumber check out your pipes for maintenance now, then to have to pay for serious repairs later. 


Pipes can crack and cause water leaks and damage. There are a lot of reasons pipes can crack, like being too cold to use, or being used too frequently. Pipe damage can occur very easily, even in the bathroom of your business, from routine wear and use. It is important to keep in mind, that you will need more than water tape to effectively stop a water leak for good. In these cases, it is important to trust a plumber to check on the maintenance of your business’s pipe and plumbing system. Keep in mind, that while it might seem costly to care for the maintenance of your plumbing now, ti will cost your business less than a burst pipe disaster later!

A boiler can crack because it’s overheated. A boiler can overheat because the water level is too low or because it contains dirt that’s blocking the proper flow of water. It is very easy for cracks to form on your boiler and it is a very common way for boilers to break. You will want to check on the state of your boiler now and again to make sure that is is in working condition. A cracked boiler can lead to more problems for your business, so it’s better to check on it preventatively than to wait for it to crack. 

Loose connections

The boiler can also have loose connecting rods. When the connections are loose, a boiler cannot operate properly leading to thermal shock caused by overheating. A boiler can overheat because someone placed cold water into the boiler to raise the water level. When a boiler overheats, it’s possible for thermal shock to occur which can create an explosion. This can occur because of the loss of pressure that’s experienced inside the boiler. Because the water is being heated at lower temperatures, it causes the expansion of the water and creates a pressurized situation.

Energy Star organizations

There are resources that are available for businesses to use to help them manage their energy costs. By using these Energy Star resources, companies can decide how they will use energy in a way that saves them the most money. These resources help businesses by saving energy, elevating their profits, and help them remain competitive. Organizations around the country seek guidance on how they can have Energy Star products which are efficient and help businesses develop strategies for how energy is managed.

Boiler repair

A boiler is an essential part of a business. Companies can have their boilers maintained so that they can operate their companies in the most optimum way. By performing maintenance on a boiler, businesses can operate their units in the most effective manner.

Dual Temp, a commercial boiler maintenance Lehigh Valley, quotes that Boilers can be kept running by addressing areas such as the following:

• Burner maintenance

• Heat exchanger

• Controls

• Life Safety components

• Fuel system

Digital combustion units are used when a unit has become set to its peak performance so that a business can make the most of its current boiler system.

If your commercial boilers need regular maintenance, it’s important to contact professionals who are trained to work with boilers. The same thing goes for dealing with the maintenance of your business’s pipes and plumbing system. Trusting a professional plumber can be the difference between an operational business, and a disaster. Remember, despite the hassle, pipe and boiler repairs and regular maintenance should occur to help businesses operate effectively.

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