Don’t Panic: What to Do When Your Plumbing Stops Working

Don’t Panic: What to Do When Your Plumbing Stops Working

If you think about it for a moment, we take a lot of general household plumbing fixtures for granted. In other words, we always expect these systems to be running efficiently and forever. Some of them include your toilet, bathtub, sink, and appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. When your plumbing stops working, many times, you freak out, but you really don’t have to. We have some good advice to offer when these common issues arise.

The Main Water Shut-Off Valve

Knowing the location of this device is essential, especially in a water emergency. The main shut-off valve is usually located in the basement, and if it isn’t there, then it could be found on an exterior wall of the home or even outside the home in an underground box.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you encounter a burst pipe, backed-up sewer drain or fear flooding from a bad storm, you would shut off the main water valve to prevent any more water from entering your living space.

If the problem becomes a serious issue, or you can’t fix it, call a professional. Rest easy because you can always call a plumbing service that has available services 24/7, just look up 24 Hours Plumbing Near Me.

Drip-Drip Goes the Faucet

If you have ever had a dripping faucet at the spout, you know how annoying it can be with the constant sound of water plopping. The homeowner can make the repair by determining if a stem screw needs tightening or a corroded valve seat or worn-out washer need replacement.

Shut off the sink faucet valve nearby, grab your C-wrench, and begin your task. By the way, wear an old tee-shirt and jeans because plumbing can get messy.

If it’s a worn-out washer, begin by removing the cover and screw that hold the valve handle in place. Take off the handle.

Next, unscrew the valve itself from the valve housing. Now, you’re going to remove the set screw on the bottom of the valve along with the worn-out washer.

Replace this washer with one that features the same size and thickness.

Re-assemble the pieces in reverse order.

Halt That Running Toilet

Here’s another frustrating and audible issue that can arise. Your toilet is running, and you can’t stop it. If the tank’s water level has been set too high, you can fix the problem.

First, remove the lid from the toilet tank. Then, slide the rod to lower the float in the tank.

Flush the toilet, and allow it to refill. In the meantime, ensure that the tank water level is below the top of the overflow tube.

Keep adjusting the float height if the water level is still too high.

Turning Off A Water Heater

If your water heater has developed an issue like overheating or leaking, then here is a two-step procedure to follow.

To turn off the water to your hot water heater, plumbing pros recommend in step one to turn the gas supply knob on the water heater to the off position.

Step two involves the shut-off valve on the cold water supply pipe going into the hot water heater. Turn the valve clockwise.

It would certainly make for a perfect world if all of our household plumbing fixtures and systems never broke or wore out, but these common issues occur from time to time and can cause a homeowner to panic. Some of these annoying problems can be repaired if you have a few general tools and the patience to try. Always remember that a professional can tackle the rest if the issue gets out of hand. 

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